Americas Educational Programs


In a globally interconnected yet diverse world, international educational experience is a fundamental part of the learning process in any field. The founders of Americas Educational Programs (AEP) have a track record of providing educational programs in Costa Rica for over 15 years. Because of this experience, AEP emphasizes the global importance of promoting a multi-cultural understanding of business, public policy, and sustainability using intensive, cutting-edge methods in education.

Through AEP, graduate students have the opportunity to experience Costa Rica for 8 days, learning about the country’s exceptional development model that allowed Costa Rica to become shining example of successful economic development.

AEP currently offers six in-depth academic programs:
Costa Rican Global Health Program
Costa Rican Public Policy Program (CPPP)
Costa Rican Mass Communication Program (CMCP)
Costa Rican International Commerce and Law Program (CICLP)
Costa Rican Competitiveness Development Program
Costa Rican Sustainable Hospitality Program

Each program may be customized to focus on specific areas of interest of different university partners.

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