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Our programs have a very special and unique design for each academic institution. Our flexibility when we create each academic experience allows the professors to give the sense of continuity of their theories analyzed in classrooms with a practical-hands on experience, not only at the real world, but a deep understanding of how those theories are applied in different areas of the world.

AEP currently offers 3 different programs: Costa Rican Public Policy Program (CPPP); Costa Rican International Commerce and Law Program (CICLP), and Costa Rican Journalism Program (CJP).



In a global context of common and shared challenges such as economic development, climate change, and human rights protection, understanding different cultures, and learning from different practices and experiences in different regions and countries becomes instrumental. The opportunity to learn, discuss, and exchange points of view on public policy issues is the cornerstone of the Costa Rican Public Policy Program (CPPP).

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The Costa Rican Mass Communication Program (CMCP) has been tailored to provide journalism students with a unique opportunity to analyze and understand international affairs – specifically within the context of Latin America and Costa Rica- and the complex world they will eventually report on. In a field where ethics, accuracy, analytical rigor, and intellectual sensitivity are invaluable assets, this international program also proves to be a fundamental part of a journalist’s learning experience.

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The Costa Rican International Commerce and Law Program (CICLP) provides the ideal setting to analyze first-hand, a small economy’s participation in  today’s global value chains (GVC’s), how it has benefitted from such participation, the trade policy implications as well as current challenges. It thus provides quite a distinctive approach to learning about international trade and commerce.

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