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Over the last 30 years, Costa Rica has implemented a series of policies that allowed the country to become internationally recognized for its innovation in policy and sustainable development model. Costa Rica’s history offers a unique combination of environmentally and economically orientated policies. Policies in ecotourism, export diversification, and foreign direct investment serve as proven examples of effective development policies.

The Costa Rican International Commerce and Law Program aims to introduce students to the international trade and legal frameworks that characterize contemporary legal and commercial developments. Students will meet with senior government officials from various agencies such as the Ministry of Foreign Trade, the Foreign Trade Promotion Agency, the Tourism Board, and more. During these meetings students will discuss topics such as import and export regimes, free trade agreements, and domestic implementation laws. They will also meet with executives from international legal firms that operate in Costa Rica.

The program provides valuable insight into Costa Rica’s international legal regime, its economy and its political system. Most importantly, it will provide the opportunity to discuss and analyze how to effectively address future challenges using legal frameworks.