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Costa Rican Sustainable Hospitality Program

CSHP aims to be an educational, cultural and internship program in the Ecotourism and Sustainable Hospitality sector in Costa Rica.

The significant growth and positioning of Costa Rica as a tourist destination in the world market together with appropriate government and private sector policies has enabled us to gain unique experiences in the development of our ecotourism and Sustainable Hospitality field. This has been an adequate sign for the investment of worldwide known international business chains, a message that has not gone unnoticed by local and international investors with a variety of hotel concepts in our country. This diversity and the high quality among them make it much more rewarding to learn from this sector in one of the top destinations in the world to know: COSTA RICA.

To have access for 8 days and 7 nights to learn from the Sustainable Hospitality and ecotourism sector in Costa Rica is a unique experience. To understand Costa Rican policies to develop sustainable ecotourism, the role of institutions guaranteeing hotel growth and environmentally friendly tourism (ICT – Costa Rican Tourism Institute) and of course to understand how the Sustainable Hospitality Industry in Costa Rica operates with firsthand information and experience from CEOs/Owners and top management will provide an incredible added value as future professionals in the field anywhere in the world.

Costa Rica has been and is known for its green policy, its ability to take advantage of the resources provided by this beautiful country, a culture in favor of the environment and for carrying out all these activities so important for Costa Rica in a responsibly and commendable manner. Not in vain has Costa Rica earned worldwide recognition in the Ecotourism and Sustainable Hospitality field.

CSHP is the opportunity to learn in a unique world environment about Ecotourism and Sustainable Hospitality.

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